Photo Guide

 Provide or take a photo in a well lit room or even better outside on a sunny day.

We suggest no accessories on the pet to better capture all their unique features.

Get close to your pet. A photo which is from the pet's head to chest works the best.

We suggest a photo of your pet sitting or standing.


Modern Custom Pet Products

We're two people, husband and wife, who are passionate about pets. We want to allow pet owners to turn their loyal companions into tasteful pieces of art to be remembered. Our aim is simple, to create custom pet products featuring your best friend's furry face that are aesthetically pleasing or complementary to any room. We strive to ensure you're always 100% satisfied with your purchase and if you're not, please feel free to reach out so we can make it right. Whether you want to turn your pet into a stunning modern Christmas ornament or a breathtaking throw pillow, we're the right choice for both you and your pet.