Fleece Sweatpants Size Chart at Neleti.com


Indulge in unmatched comfort and style with our Fleece Sweatpants. Crafted from a blend of 100% cotton face and cotton-polyester, these sweatpants promise enduring warmth and a soft embrace. Available in classic colors, featuring cross pockets, ribbed details, and a snug fit, this design celebrates the cherished bond with your furry friend in a fashion-forward manner.

How to Take Measurements:

A. Inseam Length: To ensure the perfect length, use a measuring tape to calculate the distance from the crotch of the pants down to the hem of the leg. This measurement guarantees an ideal inseam length, ensuring your sweatpants fit flawlessly.

B. Waistband: For the waistband, place the measuring tape just above the hip bones and measure around your body. Keep in mind that in our size chart, waistband measurements are presented in half. To ensure a better fit, consider including an ease allowance of 3 centimeters to 2 inches, allowing for added comfort and flexibility.

At Neleti.com, we prioritize your satisfaction. Our size chart and measurement instructions aim to provide you with the most accurate fit. Tailor your Fleece Sweatpants to your unique style and comfort preferences. Shop now and embrace the cozy bond with your furry companion in fashion-forward loungewear.