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Custom Pet Pillows at

Custom Pet Pillows at

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Primary Color

Transform your cherished pet memories into cuddly keepsakes with our Custom Pet Pillows. Our skilled artisans expertly print your beloved pet's photo onto soft, high-quality pillows, available in two sizes: 20x12 and 18x18 inches. Choose from a variety of background colors, including sunny yellow, earthy military green, calming whisper gray, and more. These personalized pet pillows make for heartwarming décor pieces or thoughtful gifts for fellow pet enthusiasts. Capture the essence of your furry friend and snuggle up with their adorable face on display. Order your custom pet pillow today and bring your pet's spirit into your daily life." 🐾🐶🐱

How to Order/Photo Guideliness


  1. Choose your pillow size and type (Pillow Cover Only or Pillow Cover+Insert).
  2. Pick your primary color preference.
  3. Specify the quantity needed.
  4. Upload your photo(s), following our photo guidelines in the images to ensure a high-quality pillow.
  5. Optionally, enter your pets' names in the personalization box.
  6. Complete your purchase for a uniquely personalized pillow!

These are suggested guidelines, but we can work with any photo. Feel free to share as many photos as you'd like. For orders with multiple pets, provide individual photos for each pet.

  1. Opt for a photo of your pet sitting or standing.
  2. Capture a close-up from their head to their chest.
  3. Use well-lit photos or ones taken outdoors on a sunny day.
  4. To highlight their unique features, we recommend no accessories on the pet(s).

Gift Ideas

  1. Pet Lover's Bundle:
    Pair the custom pet pillow with a matching mug featuring the pet's image. A delightful combination for cozy mornings or relaxing evenings.
  2. Memory Keepsake Package:
    Create a heartfelt gift by including the custom pet pillow alongside a photo album or scrapbook capturing precious moments with the beloved pet.
  3. Pamper Your Pet Day:
    Treat the pet owner to a relaxing day by combining the custom pet pillow with a spa gift set, candles, and perhaps a book on pet care.
  4. Pet Parent Starter Kit:
    Assemble a kit with the custom pet pillow, a stylish leash, and a personalized pet bowl. Perfect for new pet parents or those who recently adopted a furry friend.
  5. Home Décor Ensemble:
    Pair the custom pet pillow with decorative items such as throw blankets, cushions, or wall art, creating a cohesive and pet-friendly living space.
  6. Pet Portrait Gallery:
    Gift a collection of custom pet pillows featuring different pets or poses. Ideal for households with multiple pets, creating a charming and personalized pet portrait gallery.
  7. Travel Companion Set:
    Combine the custom pet pillow with a cozy travel blanket and a portable water bowl for on-the-go pet owners and their furry companions.
  8. Pet-themed Book Nook:
    Include the custom pet pillow in a gift set with a selection of heartwarming pet-themed books. A perfect retreat for pet lovers who enjoy curling up with a good read.
  9. Furry Friends Care Package:
    Assemble a care package with the custom pet pillow, grooming supplies, and high-quality pet treats. A thoughtful gift for both the owner and their cherished pet.
  10. Virtual Hug Package:
    Send the custom pet pillow along with a virtual hug! Consider pairing it with a video message or a subscription to a pet-centric streaming service for a touch of warmth from afar.

Remember to personalize the gift based on the recipient's preferences and the personality of their pet for a truly meaningful and cherished present.


• Concealed zipper for a seamless appearance that complements your current decor.
• Reversible pillow with designs on both sides.
• Options include pillow covers only or pillow cover with insert, available in the following sizes: 20x12 inches (50x30 centimeters), 18x18 inches (46x46 centimeters), 22x22 inches (56x56 centimeters).
• The case is made of 100% polyester, featuring moisture-wicking fabric with a linen-like feel.
• Hidden zipper and detachable pillow cover for convenience.
• Inserts are composed of 100% polyester.
• Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Production, Shipping & Returns

Pillow covers and pillow covers with inserts are crafted specifically for your order, so kindly anticipate a production time of 2-7 business days. All items are shipped from the USA, and you will receive a tracking number once your order is dispatched.

• Enjoy Free Shipping on orders over 120$!
• Within the United States, expect delivery within 1-3 business days.
• For international orders, the delivery timeframe ranges from 3-5 business days.

• Regrettably, due to the personalized nature of custom pet portraits, we are unable to facilitate returns or exchanges unless the item arrives damaged. Your understanding is appreciated.

Care Instructions

• Detach the pillow cover. Address stains by pre-treating them with a gentle cloth or a bristle brush soaked in warm soapy water. Machine wash using a normal cycle with a maximum temperature of 40°C. Avoid using bleach and tumble drying. Iron, steam, or dry on low heat only. Refrain from dry cleaning. Fluff to restore the shape when reassembling.

To ensure the longevity of the print, adhere to the care instructions provided. Additionally, hand wash the pillow insert for optimal maintenance.

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